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The Horse Trailer Tires is the Best Way to Transport Your Animals Safely

Horse Trailer TiresIt’s really very important to find and to use the right horse trailer tires. And especially it is concerning those cases when you are transporting an animal. That is why the drivers should be sure any time that for their horse trailers they are using right tires.

In general, the tires for the trailer differ much from ones required for the ordinary cars. Turning, swerving, stopping and pulling are the only driving conditions necessary to maintain traction of the automotive tires. That is why they should be equipped by more flexible sidewalls in order to maintain the road contact tread.

It is the common knowledge that trailers don’t have any driving torque used for their axles and the application of the trailer brakes is the only time for the trailer to have the traction. The most popular sway problems for the horse trailers, as well as for all trailers, are inadequate tongue weight, high vertical side loads and heavy loads. Ordinary radial and bias tires for automobiles have rather flexible sidewalls, which are able to cause the great problems for trailers.

So in order to reduce and to control the sway problems the experienced trailer drivers choose a special ST (special trailer) kind. Remember that it is strongly recommended not to use Light Track (LT) and Passenger (P) tires for trailers. Only Special Trailer (ST) tires provide your track with the best control.

Special Horse Trailer Tires

Also keep in mind that your tires can be spoiled even if their tread is left. It happens because they have to carry a great amount of weight even when they are not in use. Frankly speaking, to horse trailer tires it is better to be rolling down the road than to be sat up. During the using every tire usually releases special kinds of lubricants which are considered to be very important for the tire life. The second matter is that the horse trailer tires using prevents the developing of the tire flat spots.

But remember that you should always check your tires, because if one tire spoils the remaining ones should have to compensate suddenly the moving. They have to support the increased load which has been previously carried by the failed tire. If you have enough skills you can do it yourself but if not the evaluation experts in the local tire shop are always ready to help you.

The underinflation is considered to be the main tire failure reason. So in order to secure the required inflation level the tires have to be checked at least once a month. On the tire sidewall you can notice the inscription of the maximum inflation level. You shouldn’t inflate your tire less than it is mentioned because the load carrying capacity will be dramatically reduced. Of course, in time the air can be lost, because the tires are not totally impervious. Factually tires as a rule lose monthly 1 to 3 PSI. This process happens because of the air molecules, being under the pressure, are weaving the way from the inner tire part to the outside and through the rubber. Mind the fact that if your trailer is overloaded it may cause the excessive heat and air pressure dropping.

Tires for Horse Trailers

The average life expectancy for horse trailer tires is from three to five years. So in three years you should check them thoroughly and only if the left tread depth is adequate you may postpone their replacement. After five years they are considered to be worn out and have to be replaced in any case.

In that case when the tires are not used for some period store them in a cool dry place away from the sun effect, for example, under the tree shade or in garage.

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