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Horse Trailer Shipping Services: your animal travels safely

Horse Trailer ShippingLong time ago all horse owners had to pay for all transportation themselves and care for everything themselves. Usually these cases appeared under the conditions when the horse has to compete in any sport event somewhere abroad or overseas or if the owner wants to sell it overseas. At the very beginning of the 1970s, a new business was started. It had no any other activities except safe horse (livestock) transportation across town, country or even the world. Nowadays this type of business is well-known as horse trailer shipping services.

Among modern business associations there are a lot of carrier companies, some of which move mail or the furniture from one home to another, horse trailer transportation companies move one of the most valuable and fragile cargos – the animals – from one part of the world to another. As a rule, there are local and international services. The last ones mostly support different kinds of various sport horse industries.

The process of horse trailer shipping is rather complicated and consists of some essential parts. First of all, the horses themselves are picked up from their stables, shipped by trailer or special van to the airport, then the animals are loaded into shipping crates and placed inside the plane cargo deck, the horse trailers are arranged nearby. At the other end of the flight, the horse trailers will take the horses to their final destination. The horse trailer shipping service also involves all of the paperwork and of course all health certificates necessary for the horse transportation inside the country borders or abroad.

Before this industry was arisen, horses hadn’t taken part in the international competitions and were rarely sold to the owners from the other countries. The transporting problems and expenses were rather high. Nowadays the horses and the horse trailers can be shipped overseas, horses can compete in the races and Olympic games all over the world. Without horse trailer shipping many events would be impossible, for example, thoroughbred racing’s Dubai World Cup couldn’t be held. Nowadays it’s possible to export the rare breeds more easily.

No doubt, horses need special safety consideration during the traveling. Under these conditions horses, unlike some other kinds of animals, can panic and as a result tip over and injure themselves very easily. Besides it, it is rather difficult for horses to get their balance being inside the moving horse trailer. No doubt a good modern horse transportation service has the experienced drivers. But for the peace of you mind it would be better to drive your horse without any assistance. But some shipping companies let the owners travel with the horses.

Horse trailer shipping services can be of three main kinds: in-state in one country part, international and dealing with one breed of horse, for example those that are specializing in hauling race horses, or race horses and even in shipping the horses with special needs. Nowadays the so-called “horse taxis” become more and more popular. This kind of transportation is a kind of horse trailers shipping in the case of emergency, for example to a vet.

Before referring to the horse trailer shipping service try to choose a reputable company. Also mind that the liability insurance should be carried.

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