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Some Useful Tips On How to Repair a Horse Trailer

Horse Trailer RepairThe question about a horse trailer repair is one of the most important, so if you want to transport your horses safely in a trailer down the road, you without any doubts have to do some major or minor repair from time to time.

Of course, it won’t be too easy, and if we had to define the level of difficulty we would tell that it’s moderate.

In this article we’re going to give you some instructions, but first of all the instruments can’t be but mentioned. So you will need: welding helmet and gloves, welder and welding rod, some screwdrivers, pressure treated lumber, paint, lug wrench, some jacks, a hammer and an axle grease.

Here is a list of the instructions following of which will bring you success in horse trailer repair without any additional troubles.

  1. You should regularly check the floor under the mats except those cases when your trailer is equipped by the metal one.  To keep a floor in good condition is really very important in order to avoid the injuring of the horse’s legs during the traveling. All metal floors as a rule are made of aluminum, so they can’t be rusted out, but nevertheless you should regularly check them for the presence of the thin spots.
  2. The floor boards have to be replaced immediately if you notice even the slightest signs of excess wear or rot. The rot can be checked with the help of screwdriver. Using it you will find out the soft spots. If you are ready to replace, choose the boards of the best quality i.e. pay attention to the proper size and a hardwood. Make sure that you have wedged it tightly in and bolted them down. You have to avoid any disastrous situations and remember that the improperly fixed boards may be suddenly flipped up and then come apart. The floors made of metal have to be powerfully hosed off after every using. It’s strongly recommended to check the trailer carefully even if you know that the aluminum floors aren’t usually rusted. It is required for this kind of floor to be hosed every six month or before the storage period.  And the rubber mats will not only prolong the life of you floor but also your horse will obtain more grip.
  3. Wheels and tires are removed. The brake shoes have to be constantly checked and replaced in the case of necessity. If you have the metal filings don’t forget to replace the bearings or to repack the bearings of the wheel with some grease.
  4. Replace the old tires by the new ones and make sure that putting the wheels back on you tighten the wheel lugs properly.
  5. You should run a new wiring harness along the all necessary channels in order to check the probability of wiring problems. After that you can replace bulbs and lights.
  6. If your trailer has any shackles and springs, check their operability. They have to be properly attached and be safe, not broken.
  7. Make sure that the undercarriage of your trailer isn’t broken and doesn’t have any rusted spots. Otherwise it should be re-welded or replaced by new metal.
  8. Thoroughly inspect the chains (the hitch as well as the safety one) and in the case of necessity replace it. Also we should mention that usually the hitch, being the trailer’s part, doesn’t wear out.
  9. It’s strongly recommended to examine your trailer. The small spots of rust usually appear on those trailer sides which are connected to the frame. So it’s necessary to weld them and after that, when the welding is completed, paint the horse trailer.

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