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How to Build Horse Trailer Ramps and the Importance of This Construction

Horse Trailer RampsSometimes it is so difficult to decide on whether to purchase a step up or ramp trailer. Frankly speaking, it is really nothing more than a matter of a personal choice. You can train your horses to use either. For example, the horse trailer ramps seem to be more popular on the East coast of the USA. In Texas the step up is more frequently spotted. Europeans mainly use ramps.

In some special cases it is necessary to use a ramp because of the special needs of your horse. For instance, if your horse is a rather old animal it might be difficult for it to step out of a trailer equipped by a step down, so you’ve to be using a ramp trailer whenever it is transported.

A horse trailer ramp’s usually made of steel. It will help to save the horse from slipping during the unloading or loading. A ramp is also able to make loading of a reluctant horse much easier. The only thing for the horse to do is to walk right up your ramp, so the animal shouldn’t step up or back the trailer up to a hill in order to have a level approach. Finally, it will be impossible for the horse to hit the leg on the trailer back.

Some horse owners prefer to build the horse trailer ramps by themselves. It will be not so difficult to do, but you should have moderate skills. In this article you will read the detailed instructions, but first of all mind that you’ll need the following equipment: 1-inch angle iron, 3 ramp hinges, a chain, a steel eyelet, steel grading, a tape measure and a welding torch.

Horse Trailers Ramps

Minding these instructions you’ll be able to calculate your future horse trailer ramps properly

  1. First of all, measure the distance starting from the ground up to the trailer floor.
  2. Measure the height and width of your trailer door. As a result you will have the ramp width. It should be narrower than the width of the trailer door in the width of a half an inch.
  3. Get the proper ramp slope. It’s possible to do it by calculating a foot long for each inch of height starting from the ground up to the ramp base.
  4. Then from angle iron carefully cut all six pieces of the ramp frame. Don’t forget to mark the length by “A,” the width by “B” and the both cross braces by “C.” Mind that the last ones will go lengthwise and that is why should be cut of the same length as “A.”
  5. After measuring and cut the steel grading in order to have it flushed on all frame sides.
  6. The ramp length has to be measured from the front. It is usually hinged to the trailer at the distance of six feet back on the both sides along the ramp. The chain should be bolted at the point “D”.
  7. It’s necessary to mark the point “E”. At this place the steel eyelet should be welded. And it could be arranged if you firstly take the above length and then measure from the trailer floor up the side of the trailer on both sides.

The construction of the horse trailer ramps isn’t so difficult and won’t take much time. Here’s a list of actions

  1. Place the angle iron flat side as the top side. Weld “A” to “B” in order to form a rectangle. After that you’ve to weld “C” through the center of the frame length-wise. This will add support.
  2. The steel grading should be welded to the frame.
  3. At “D” you have to bolt a 6-inch chain section. This will protect the trailer sides when the ramp’s closed.
  4. One steel eyelet at “E” has to be welded on every trailer side. The ramp chain will hook here when the ramp’s closed to the trailer.
  5. And at last weld the hinges to the trailer, one in the center and 4 inches from each side. Pay attention to that fact that all hinges should be welded the same distance from the edge.

It’ll be necessary in order to ensure proper alignment during ramp folding to the trailer. The ramp hinges should be welded at the same distance from the ramp edge.

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