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All You Must Know About A Horse Trailer Hitch

Horse Trailer HitchIt is very useful to know all differences between trailer hitch systems, no matter whether you are already familiar with towing horse trailers, or you are still only planning to make changes to your towing rig.

There exist 3 common hitches in the trailer industry: weight-carrying hitch; weight-distributing / load-equalizer hitch; fifth-wheel or gooseneck hitch.

  • Weight-carrying horse trailer hitch. It is usually affixed to bumpers directly and carries all tongue weight. It is mainly used for light loads, e.g. in utility trailers. It rarely suffices for hauling horses.
  • Load-equalizer horse trailer hitch. It consists of a trailer ball, a receiver and a detachable hitch plate. The hitch frame is joined to the frame of the tow vehicle in such a manner that it helps to distribute tongue weight all over the tow vehicle. These hitches are basically used on trucks and SUVs and are absolutely safe for 2 and 3 horse trailers, in case the tow-load weight is not more than the vehicle’s towing capacity.
  • Fifth-wheel horse trailer hitch. It must be mounted in the middle of your truck bed over the rear axle. This hitch is mainly used for gooseneck trailers. Such hitch systems add much weight to the trailer, but the rig becomes more stable and less susceptible to high winds. It is easier to park; however, if you pinch the trailer too tightly while backing, it can damage the truck bed.

If you have a 4-horse trailer, it is better to use a gooseneck trainer or hitch option coupled with a ?-ton tow vehicle.

5 Tips In Hitching Up A Horse Trailer

  1. Always check safety. Make sure there are no bees, dust, bad hay or any other health dangers in your trailer. Check the tire pressure on the trailer and the tow vehicle; all door latches must be oiled and work properly.
  2. The truck must be positioned in the way so that its rear tires make the top of a rectangle and front tires make the bottom.
  3. It will be easier if you mark helpful spots for hitching with decals and orange-dot stickers which you can buy in any stationery.
  4. To line up the truck with the hitch ball find the centre of the trailer and the bumper of your truck.
  5. Look underneath when you attach the coupling device. This way you will check that the clamp is not riding on the top of the ball instead of being below it.

Horse Trailer Hitches

Top 3 Horse Trailer Hitches

  • The Automated Safety Hitch™ System. Amazing design allows the hitch to become an integral part of your trailer without adding extra length. Once it is attached to the tow vehicle, it becomes its part and your vehicle’s wheelbase extension. The greatest thing is that it extends your vehicle’s wheelbase when towing the trailer. This provides better stability and makes it possible for you to leave extra wheelbase when detached and parked. The system has the effect of trailer length shortening by pulling it to the outside of the turning. Steerable axle helps to prevent tire scuffing and enables you to make effortless turns by sensing turning rates and forces which are generated by steering. If you want to get more information about this hitch system, call 940.320.3008.
  • Blue Ox Diamond Hitch.  This is a high quality heavy-duty hitch which is very convenient to use, possesses very good safety features and its design is perfect for easy installation. There are 2 main features making Blue Ox Diamond hitch such a special premium product: unique Inverta™ Ball design and special locking ball system. The design enables you to remove the ball easily, flip it upside down and place it in the hitch without obstructing the bed of the pickup. The spring loaded locking system will also prevent you from forgetting to engage fender well locking mechanism. Call (888) 425-5382 to get more information from the company.
  • The B&W Tow & Stow Receiver Hitch. It is very convenient as it eliminates the need to use multiple ball mounts. It also offers a very high-quality construction which guarantees strength, reliability and versatility. The hitch can be bought in both dual- or tri-ball configuration. It is designed for 10.000-pound gross vehicle weight or 1.000-pound tongue weight. You can get more details by calling (800) 248-6564.

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