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Make the Design of Your Trailer Visible and Catchy with the Horse Trailer Graphics

Horse Trailer GraphicsA unique horse trailer graphics! If you want to personalize your horse trailer the funniest and the easiest way to do it is a decoration of exterior with the help of various magnets or vinyl decals.

As a rule, the decorations for horse trailers could be found from a number of places and but if you want something special or of individual style you can order.

So you have decided to have an extraordinary horse trailer graphics. If we were asked to evaluate the level of its difficulty, we would answer that is quite easy. All the things you need are several vinyl decals, some magnetic decals, your horse trailer and a lot of imagination.

In this article we would like to give you a list of instructions, the following of which will bring you a certain success in decoration. And as a result you will have a quite unique horse trailer graphics.

  1. At the very beginning, you should choose the favorite and the most preferable type of your future decoration. Pay attention to that fact that magnetic decals are usually easily moved, but vinyl decals are rather colorful and come in various shapes.
  2. Define the place of your decals. You shouldn’t forget that it is possible to experiment with magnetic decals, but if you are going to use the vinyl decals they won’t be able to be moved around, so you need to think thoroughly before applying this kind.
  3. Apply your decals. Magnetic decals are placed by the magnet side facing your horse trailer. In a case you are using vinyl ones, you should remove the backing wax paper and arrange the decal on the horse trailer side. Then it is necessary to rub gently the front of it. It will take you several minutes until the vinyl decoration has been transferred to your horse trailer. After that remove  the wax paper from the decal front carefully.

If you’re an owner of the horse, you, no doubt, realize the importance of servicing and maintaining of your horse trailer. Of course, it is necessary to keep your horse trailer’s exterior clean and sanitary. But these things are not the only ones. In order to ensure a respectable appearance, you should remove rust and old paint.  By the way, they can be dangerous for you personally as well as for your horse. All trailer owners need to paint or repaint it periodically.

 Vinyl Decals for Horse Trailer

You can even do it yourselves. It is not very difficult but challenging. You will need some special equipment like half-inch paintbrush, acrylic or water-based paint, paint pan, paint roller, painters tape, primer, rust remover, sandpaper, tarp (optional).

  1. A tarp should be laid out under the trailer.
  2. Rust remover is applied to the surface.
  3. The trailer has to be sanded in order to make its surface smooth. With the help of sandpaper remove the old paint and the pieces of remaining rust.
  4. In order to avoid the occasional window painting it is recommended to cover the window edges with painters tape.
  5. You will need a paint roller if it is required to cover the large trailer surfaces. For smaller surfaces and corners use the half-inch paintbrush. After that allow the primer to dry.
  6. Remove and clean the primer from your brush with the help of lukewarm water or paint remover.
  7. Brush a light first coat of paint over the entire trailer. When the first coat is dry, you should apply a second paint coat. And after that apply a third one.

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