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Get an Amazing Experience at Horse Riding Schools

Horse Riding SchoolsHave you ever dreamt of having your own horse? Do you like horses but never tried to ride them? What is the reason? Were you afraid or maybe didn’t find the place to learn how to ride?

Nowadays it is not a problem. If you are filled with love to the noble, have strong desire to learn, time and money, horse riding schools will gladly welcome you.

What You Will Learn

The main horse riding equipment. First of all, you have to be fully equipped. Riding apparel consists of bridles, different kinds of saddles, girths, reins and dressage whips. The main equestrian clothing includes breeches, riding boots, riding helmets, riding gloves and jackets. Make sure you have everything you need to ride safely and comfortably!

 Horse Riding School

  1. Checking your readiness. Before starting to ride you need to ensure that your physical preparation is good enough, you are not younger than 4 years old and your weight doesn’t exceed 15 stones that is approximately 95 kilogrammes. If you weight much more, unfortunately you will not be allowed to ride since this may cause spine problems to the horse and may injure you both – the horse and yourself.
  2. Selecting a horse. While selecting a horse, first of all you should pay attention whether it will be suitable for you. Whether he is trained is a very important factor. The breed of horse determines what purpose the horse is best at – hunting, jumping or walking, how it looks like – short or long mane, braided or not. Here are some of the horse breeds with pictures:
    • Arabian Horse. These horses are very affectionate.
    • Arabian Horse

    • Ponies. They are small, less than 14.2 hand high and therefore very distinctive.
    • Pony

    • Hanoverian Horse. Perfect for eventing, dressage and jumping.
    • Hanoverian Horse

    • Palomino horse (my favourite breed). They are known as the most versatile, enduring and beautiful.
    • Palomino Horse

    All the breeds can be coldbloods, warmbloods and hotbloods. Warmbloods are perfect for competitions and sport events. Coldbloods are good workers. Hotbloods are very fast, so they are extremely good at racing.

  3. Horse riding. Horse riding lessons can be offered for different number of people: private, semi-private, children or group trainings. One lesson can last either an hour or a half an hour, being classified into different categories and age groups. My friend who is an equestrian once gave me a piece of advice which I will gladly share with you: if you think riding a horse is not sport because it looks so easy, just try. This is one of the most difficult kinds of sports which requires a really good physical shape. So if half an hour seems not enough for you, I still strongly recommend you to try training for a short period at first. After you feel all the muscle load, you will decide whether it is enough for you or you need longer classes.
  4. Horse Riding Schools

  5. Horseback riding. At horseback riding lessons you will learn how to launch your horse, how to get along with it, ask it gently to do what you want to. You will also learn how to stay in the saddle confidently, improving your balance even while overcoming obstacles. In no time you will understand how your horse thinks, create a bond between you and your horse and know how to play horseback riding games. With your favourite mount and professional trainers you will definitely enjoy the whole process.

Horse Riding Schools

Schools which teach you riding usually have enough facilities – several outdoor and indoor schools, jumping paddocks, cross country courses. While attending such schools you will most likely have a chance to visit many horse riding events such as show-jumping, for instance. Probably you will even get a discount voucher as a member of a school.

Have a great riding!

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