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Horse Trailer Insurance. Ways To Save Money

Horse Trailer InsuranceThough horse trailer insurance has never been a legal requirement, it is highly recommended. Surely, such trailer is not a huge investment, but there are plenty of various factors, which should be considered. Firstly, you are traveling large and quite unpredictable animals. Secondly, this is a huge temptation for thieves.

There exist several basic ways that an insurance company can help you to save money:

  • Damage, theft, liability cover or fire;
  • An approved trailer security device;
  • Adequate safety for the most expensive horses;
  • Discounts for no claims;
  • Low annual mileage.

Usual trailer insurance includes the minimum legally 3rd party cover. It will not cover damage or theft. That’s why you are to extend it or take out a separate horse trailer insurance.

Insurance Quote

In case you made up your mind to take a separate insurance, shop around and check various individual policies, and assure you get a competitive quote. They are different. For example, some insurers provide various specialist breakdown services and insurance policies.

There is a list of information you are to arm yourself with, when you are ready to consult any insurance company:

  • Details about the trailer: year and serial, VIN, model and make;
  • State whether you will use the trailer for personal needs or business;
  • The number of horses the trailer can carry, its purchase price and length;
  • Take insurance documents with you every time you tow your trailer.

What Makes Insurance So Important?

For many people horses are a vulnerable investment. Food, stabling and equipment require lots of money. When one has more than 2 horses, he is about to buy a trailer. To keep horses is to pay more than you think, that’s why all things should be protected from all types of losses.

A vital thing to remember is that car insurance never covers anything it tows. Many policies offer a trailer insurance, which differs from other common types, and meets all specific needs. Being a responsible owner, a person always carries this insurance.

Trailer Insurance

Among things that may happen, when one is far from home are:

  • Theft;
  • Vandalism;
  • Damage;
  • Fire;
  • Accident.

Many owners start with insurance of horse accessories and equipment that is hard to replace. Getting the quotes try to assure you have cover for:

  • Liability;
  • Personal things;
  • Contents;
  • Loan balance coverage;
  • Total loss coverage.

One more additional option is roadside assistance (breaking down and accidents). In this case this assistance becomes invaluable for contents and the horsebox.

Assure that you keep the receipt for various items you carry. Keep them as you will need them to make a claim. Install equipment to protect from thieves (for example, a wheel clamp).

Planning Ahead You Minimize Risks

If you start traveling, it does not matter much whether you have insurance or not. The most vital thing is common sense. Assure that the vehicle can low the trailer with horses inside. The hitch is to be connected and breaks work properly. The equipment and animals are to be loaded safely and secured for traveling.

Horse Trailer Insurance

They say that horse trailer insurance is a thing one can live without. Regardless of this, it is sometimes difficult to know whether the spent costs are worth it. Those, who have old trailers, do not mind damages. And what about people who have bought brand new ones? They usually want to keep them in good condition for a long term.

As a rule, when it comes to our possessions we wish to be safe. As there is no possible way to know if one ever needs this insurance, many people are sorry when an accident happens.

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