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Come Enjoy the Day in HorseWorld

HorseWorldHorseWorld is a leading charity, which is caring for horses, donkeys and ponies. They secure, rehome and rehabilitate the animals that were neglected, abandoned and ill-treated.

Being established through public donations, they create a special home for horses in need. The Bristol’s Visitor Center is the place, where you can meet the rescued horses and observe the charity work in action. Your visit can become a good lesson for your children and their friends. Here you can teach them to support those, who weren’t as lucky as they are, they can learn to support a vital work.

The charity was established in 1952. Its main priority was to save the lives of all the working horses. About sixty years have passed and it is still successful in what it does. With the beginning of the new century there was opened a Visitor Center. Today the public can see what love and care can give to the rescued animals.

Explore the acres of natural beauty, enjoy the experience of horse caring and help the grooms with interactive feeding. There is fun for children and rest for their parents. While your boys and girls are busy with their outdoor and indoor activities, fancy some retail therapy in a local caf? with all the traditional meal and get a souvenir to remember about the spent day.

Horse World

The Purposes of Creation and Life Today

“The Friends of Bristol Horses Society” was the first name of the today’s charity. With the rapid development of industry and motorized vehicles after the World War II, all the working horses were to be replaced in a short period of time. It was obvious no one was going to take care of them. That was the reason why it was decided to save those, who worked in the dockyards and railways, coal mines and armed forces, on the farms and on the roads.

60 years have passed and horses became ghost of the past, but there are people, who still remember and take care of them. Today the charity is responsible for more than 140 horses, donkeys and ponies in Bristol and more than 300 re-homed in the South West.

Horse World has many partner organizations and fellow equine welfare charities that help to rescue animals in need by means of putting a tailored program of rehabilitation and re-homing of every horse only with experienced and caring owners.

Animal Adoption Program


 The main scheme of the charity program is Animal Adoption. This is the best way of contributing to the work of the charity. The main plus is that you’ll help an animal and will get the best friend for the rest of your life. The cost for adoption is ?20 per year. The money goes towards the care of all the animal inhabitants. Visiting the charity’s webpage, you can always view the list of adoption animals, which are available today.

Horse World

Adopting a horse, you receive an adoption pack that is created for your horse. The pack includes:

  • a certificate with your animal’s story;
  • a cuddly version of the chosen animal in a gift box;
  • regular updates through the newsletter;
  • and an admission ticket to visit your friend on the animal’s birthday party.

All you are to do is to purchase the animal you like through the on line shop, or download an application form.

No Stress! No Phones!

This charity place is the only area, where you can forget about your everyday life and all the troubles connected with it. Visiting stables, enjoying the beauty of the nature and smelling the fresh air is the best therapy you can get. Here you can receive your first riding experience with a nice horse beneath and a blue sky above. Feel the times, when everything was simpler.

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