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Top 3 Horse Trailer Wheel Covers

Horse Trailer Wheel CoversIt may sometimes be difficult to find really good horse trailer wheel covers meeting all your demands concerning quality and design, so we made a shortlist of top 3 best wheel covers which will definitely help you to make a good choice.

Beverly Bay Trailer Wheel Covers are perfect at protecting your horse trailer tires. Heavy duty vinyl repels liquids and protects tires from being damaged by the sun U.V. rays and other environmental drawbacks. Prevention of premature sidewall cracking that leads to on-road blowouts is guaranteed. A patented bungee-ball, brass-reinforced grommets and rear-fastening system are supplied. Note, that these wheel covers are only water resistant, not waterproof. They exist in different sizes: size 2 for large gooseneck trailers having tires 30”-32” in size; size 3 for the Tag-A-Long trailers with tires 27”-29” in size. An average price is around $25 for a pair.

Horse Trailer Wheel Covers Hubcaps. They will perfectly suit any 15” steel wheel which has 6 lugs. They are made of polished stainless steel. These wheel covers are extremely stylish and are the best way to dress up the trailer wheel. But good quality and stylish look have a good price: a set of 4 wheel covers will cost you approximately $150.

Horse Trailer Wheel Covers Hubcaps

Cutler’s Originals Wheel Covers. The company is the most successful and prosperous wheel covers manufacturer in Europe. It offers 3 types of wheel covers:

  • Soft Wheel Covers. You will need to order them in advance so that they could exactly fit your wheel size. Soft wheel covers are made from vinyl produced according to the company’s own specification to make these wheel covers an incredibly fitting accessory. They can be made in plain colors or printed with your own design or logo.
  • SR Advance Wheel Covers. These are unique products developed by the company itself. In addition to that, they are very versatile and may be suitable for any application. You may choose color-coding, as well as silver or black high-gloss finish. One more important feature is that they can be upgradable to Lockable Stainless-Steel Wheel Covers using any of the rings offered by the company. You can also order the design to be changed, for example, from simple one-colored up to full color photo prints.
  • Stainless Steel Wheel Covers. It may be undoubtedly said that these wheel covers give all customers the opportunity to shine. They are not only of high quality, but can also provide you a complete security of the integral lock. They will definitely give your horse trailer wheels an extremely professional look. These wheel covers are available with a black high-gloss plastic centre dish for which you may order color-coding, so it would match your trailer. The design of wheel covers may also be easily changed.

Being the established manufacturer of wheel covers for the longest time, the company can make any wheel cover you need.

Having chosen one of the abovementioned top 3 horse trailer wheel covers you will be undoubtedly satisfied with their quality and design.

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