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How to Keep Your Horse Trailer Water Tank Cleaned and Sanitized

Horse Trailer Water TankSo you are a lucky horse owner. But also you are a very active person who likes spending all your free time at the open air. But if you during travelling with you horse, you should need at least approximately a 25 gallon water tank for your trailer. It is very convenient and handy to have it for your day trips as well as for your long camp-outs.

First of all the water tank has to be gravity fed, because you see that only in this case it will be easy to use. Of course you know that sometimes some horses can be rather picky as to strange water drinking. So you aren’t able to travel without a horse trailer water tank. It is really a fascinating thing especially for frequent and long trips. By the way, while choosing a new horse trailer water tank try to find the model that will be easy to drain and to clean between using.

No doubt, it is extremely important for horses to have an any time access to fresh clean water. They may need it at every minute, so if the horse owners plan to haul their horses, of course they will need to provide some kind of clean water in the trailer.

Horse Drinking Water

First of all, the owner has to be sure that all those water tanks in his/her trailer are kept clean. For this purpose you should keep your horse trailer water tank cleaned and sanitized.

At the very beginning let’s mention the things you will need for cleaning. They are a bucket, a hose equipped by the special nozzle under pressure, stiff bristled brush used for cleaning and some water tanks.

Frankly speaking, it is not very difficult to tidy it up, but it is very important to fulfil the proper procedures.

1. Before getting started it is necessary to drain the water tanks as thoroughly as possible. The water should be drained into a bucket and after that the tanks have to be removed from the trailer.

2. After that arrange your drained water tanks on the ground and spray the exterior part of the tanks with a hose under high pressure. If you are able to access to a pressure washer you should of course use that, in any other cases use a hose equipped by a nozzle under high pressure. It is important to pay attention to the fact whether dirt and debris have been removed from the outside of the tanks.

3. After the removing of the water tanks tops, arrange them aside. It is required to use a special pressure washer or a hose equipped by nozzle under a high pressure in order to spray out the interior section of every tank. A stiff bristled brush will help you to clean any dirt, debris or algae arranged inside from the bottom and sides of the tank.

4. With the help of high pressure hose nozzle fill the tanks of you trailer with fresh water and then the water should be sat for a few minutes. After that empty the tanks and try to find any remaining debris. They may be clinging to the tank sides or bottom. A special brush will be necessary. With the help of it you should remove this contamination, then the tank has to be rinsed again. Settle the top back on the tanks and then hang them back to the trailer.

Water Tank Trailers

It is recommended to sanitize your horse water tank from time to time. You know that keeping a trailer water tank clean and sanitized will lengthens its using and no matter reduce the need for repairs. Sanitizing a trailer water tank is a very simple process. It won’t take more than two days to be completed. And don’t worry about expenses you won’t need any fancy tools as well as the expensive chemicals. In short the only required items will be water and household bleach. If your horse trailer water tank isn’t used heavily, it will be enough to sanitize it at least twice a year.

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