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Some Tips on Setting and Using Horse Trailer Roof Rack

Horse Trailer Roof RackIf you are a happy horse owner and at the same time like travelling you should remember that every trip with your horse (or horses) resembles something like a real challenge. You should make sure that you have packed adequate feed. In order to help you do this, some modern companies have created special modular hay racks.

You can easily set it on the roof of horse trailers. As a rule, all these hay racks’re made of aluminum and after that are bolt for a secure fit to horse trailer. Horse trailer hay racks are produced in two kinds of design: an open-top and a closed-top ‘pod’ design.

Setting the horse trailer roof rack isn’t very difficult and the level of difficulty is moderately easy. For this you’ll need some special things. We are offering you the list of the following things: a bale buckler, a bungee cord, a front-end loader, a rope, a tarp, a tractor and a winch.

  1. You need to check if your trailer has been elevated in a way to make sure that the horse trailer hitch is arranged further from the ground than the position of the ball of your truck hitch. The most part of the horse trailers are elevated with the help of a trailer jack using. If your horse trailer hitch isn’t elevated to the required attitude, you should turn the jack handle clockwise until the correct position of the hitch is reached.
  2. It ‘s necessary to back the truck up to that point when the truck hitch’s arranged beneath the horse trailer hitch. If you’ve a hitch of a bumper-style, you should raise the horse trailer tail gate of the truck in order to keep it out of the way. If your hitch’s of a goose-neck style, you should lower the tail gate of the truck in order to keep it out of the way.
  3. It is required to lower the trailer hitch over the truck hitch attachment. You’ll be able to do it turning the jack handle counterclockwise.
  4. Don’t forget to lock your horse trailer hitch in the required place. It’s possible to do it by inserting the locking pin.
  5. Carefully hook all the trailer’s electrical lights inside the electrical lighting system of your truck. After that you should connect the both ones with the help of the wire-connecting plugs. These plugs’re attached to the truck and to the trailer hitches.

Roof of Horse Trailers

How to Use the Hay Rack of the Horse Trailer

  1. First of all you should lift all the necessary hay from the ground to the horse trailer roof. You can do this action by tying a rope to a hay bail and hoisting it up to the horse trailer roof using a winch. To lift the hay properly you will be surely able if you use a tractor with a front-end-loader, or any other device specially constructed for the lifting hay onto the horse trailer roof, such as a bale buckler.
  2. In order to fill your rack you should stack the bales end-to-end or side-by-side. The second bales row is usually arranged over the first one.
  3. After that it is required to tie the bales to the rack with the help of bungee cords.
  4. You see that your hay should be protected otherwise it can be blown out of the rack during the transportation. So you’ll need to tie the tarp in place.

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