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Horse trailer lights: check twice before driving to be on the safe side

Horse Trailer LightsA horse trailer, or, as it is also called – a horse van is a special carriage for transporting horses. Of course, the transportation of animals is a tough task, so the driver should know how to make the ride safe.  The horse trailer that is towed to the vehicle doesn’t have its own power source, but still it has the lights that make it visible at night and inform other drivers if the driver of the trailer is going to turn, to slow down or to stop.

It is very important to check horse trailer lights before driving. In case something is wrong with them, you’ll have to think up the solution to such a problem. So, let’s start from the check-up.

Firstly, it is recommended to make sure if all the tow lights are operating correctly. In case something is wrong, check the fuse. If you have found out that brake lights refuse to work, then check the power and connection of the brake light that is situated on the brake pedal. But in case just one light refuses to work, check the bulb.

Trailer electrical connector should also be checked. In case corrosion is noticed, you should remove it with special liquid called electrical contact cleaner. If you see that terminals are pushed out, then just push them in. The electrical connector should be reconnected after all of these manipulations. You may breathe easily if horse trailer lights start operating. In case the result is opposite it is recommended to switch on the tow lights and disconnect the connector again to check it for power with the help of a simple circuit tester.

In case you see no power, the first you should do is to go to the rear bumper where the harness is attached to the tow and check the harness connector. Perhaps, it has bad connection. You may wiggle the wires and, using the tester, check both sides of them. If all the wires and connectors are OK, there should be power at the vehicle connector which leads to the trailer. If there is no power on any side then the verdict is the following: the connector is bad and it should be replaced.

Trailer Lights

Of course, it may happen so that everything seems to be OK, but lights still refuse to work. In such a case it’s better to check the grounds at lights. You can easily do this by attaching jumper wire with alligator on a ground (one side) and light base (the other side). If everything is good, there will be bright light.  It is also advised to test the socket for power using the circuit tester. In case you see that the bulb or the socket are the reasons for lights refusal to work then you should replace them.

If you have checked everything and the lights are operating, then you may stay calm not thinking about whether your trailer would visible to other drivers. But there is an important issue left to be paid attention to. In case you notice that the trailer lights are broken or cracked, it is recommended to replace them as soon as possible as while driving a little stone may recoil from the road and break the bulb. As we all know, there exists Murphy’s Law according to which such a situation is more likely to happen in the dark on the road with heavy traffic.

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