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A Small Guide On Horse Trailer Door Latches And Locks

Horse Trailer Door Latches And LocksHorse trailer door latches are used to close the doors of your trailer and prevent stealing the horse. It is desirable for the latch to be easy to use, that is why automatic latches are so popular. They latch the dividers, which create temporary compartments for each horse in the trailer, in the closed position in your horse trailer. The most common type of automatic latches is a slam latch.

Slam Latches

They work in conjunction with the “T” handle having a 5/16” square shaft or “L” handle. The handle mounts to your horse trailer door from the inside part. The shaft, which is connected to the handle, goes through the door. It perfectly fits in the hole and when you turn from the outside it opens or closes the slam latch. Door thickness is not important – you may just saw off any length of shaft which remains after its inserting into slam latch.

Slam latches may be right-hand and left-hand. To install the right hand one close the door of your trailer and stand in front of it with the door hinge on the left. Turn the slam latch over and install to the door the flat back; the curved part of the bolt must face the inside of your trailer and the hole for the shaft at the top. For the left hand slam latch just do everything the opposite way.

The price of right- or left-hand slam latches is usually around $8.

Slam Latches For Horse Trailers

Slam Latch with Inside Release

Slam latch with inside release is absolutely the same as the abovementioned slam latch; the difference is that it comes with a steel lever on the inside. It makes possible to open the latch from the inside of the trailer, in case the “T” or “L” handle is unlocked on the outside.

Slam latch with inside release are installed exactly the same as plain slam latches. On average, they cost around $9.

Slam Latch with Inside Release For Horse Trailer

Horse Trailer Door Locks

It is extremely important to pay much attention to choosing a good trailer door lock to protect horses from being stolen. We can recommend you the following types of horse trailer door locks:

  • Trailer Bullet Gooseneck Trailer Lock is the best option for those owning a gooseneck trailer. It is installed gooseneck jack crank handle. You just attach its center section portion and the lock stays on the trailer jack permanently. Sliding the barrels over the center section you absolutely prevent the trailer from being moved. The basic price of the lock is about $60.
  • The Collar Coupler Lock is a wonderful anti-theft device. It guarantees 24 hour protection when your trailer is attached to or detached from the towing vehicle. You will never lose it, as it is always kept on the trailer. The price is approximately $40.
  • Maximum Security Coupler Lock is almost impossible to be removed by thieves. Fit the bottom piece into the place where the ball goes and adjust the upper bars through the side holes. When you feel it is on tight, just lock it with the key and it stays put. Average price – around $35.

Horse Trailer Door Locks

Having chosen one of the abovementioned locks and latches you will definitely find your horse trailer exactly where you had left it!

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