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Take a Shower Easily While on a Long Trip with a Cowboy Shower for Horse Trailer

Cowboy Shower for Horse TrailerWhen you got a new horse trailer or want to turn your older one into a more comfortable place you need to get a cowboy shower for horse trailer. It’s a small shower located in the compartment of a horse trailer. There is nothing else more pleasant than manage to place all conveniences and accommodations into a small horse trailer to adjust it for long camp trips.

When cowboy shower for horse trailer is not used, cowboy shower won’t take much space at all, it can be turned on anywhere, while water supply or electricity is not required. The construction and mounting of cowboy shower for horse trailer may be really simple if you know what you are doing. It’s no more difficult to mount and use than water pumps, shower mats or water-storage tanks. You can select the installation option you like most.

Camp-goers can easily satisfy their hunger for comfortable travel in specialized stores. Here you can purchase light-weight shower cabins that support themselves with no exterior interference. It enables them to be mounted anywhere. Their width is about four feet, and the entire kit contains storages for personal hygiene items. Such cabins also have disconnecting floors. Shower cabins are money and water saving solution that guards your comfortable cleaning procedures. But at the same time they require water supplies.

There are hot water alternatives available to find at your local camp supply store as well. Such compact systems will let you enjoy the warmth and convenience of hot water while you set up on a travel inside your horse trailer. Such movable showers can reserve water temperatures up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The water flow of the temperature you want will get to you in less than a minute. The water pumps in those systems are under high pressure and have batteries to maintain them with power. Portable shower kinds can be merged with any water supply option that is available. Batteries and propane can bring you twenty five short shower breaks.

Shower for Horse Trailer

There is still a less sophisticated solution when it comes to a cowboy shower for horse trailer. It consists of a plastic bag with enough gallon volume to maintain water. It should be transparent on one side and dark on the other. A solid cord with help you hang this plastic bag, while water spout might control the coming water flow. Before you set up on a trip with your horse friend, just fill in the bag with clean water and let it heat up in the sunlight, so that when you come back it will be warm enough. Bear in mind that you should place this plastic bag transparent side up in the sun, so that the black “swallows” sunlight warmth.

When it comes to installation simplicity and convenient storage space, cowboy show is a reasonable choice. Horse trailers are generally smaller than other recreation vehicles, so it’s very important for all supplements to be compact in size and high in functionality. Cowboy shower is usually a cabin that contains a shower head and an iron or rubber hose that can assembled by parts and maintained in a space saving manner.

The directions for installations are simple but you need to carry out every procedure to achieve the best results. First, you should measure a rectangular area near the top of the location you chose for installation of your cowboy trailer. A matching hole should be cut off with a sabre saw. Press the shower to the wall with 5/8 inch sized set of self tappers. Use a normal temperature sealant to fasten the shower cabin against aluminum walls. 3/8 inch sized water tubes will insure that the water flows run through your shower.

Cowboy Shower

Afterwards, you should slice your lumber and root the parts together will nails to produce a frame that is going to accommodate your tub that is actually a shower pan. You should also fasten the tub to the created frame with L-shaped brackets beneath.

When you purchase your cowboy shower kit you should be attentive to the materials that it’s made of. You don’t want to be caught by any premature rust appearance or sudden breakages if you are in the middle of your trailer trip. The alloys used should also be non-allergic and safe to use for regular showering. Picking up some tanks to maintain water for showering, you need to know the volume your trailer can house. Actually, all parts of cowboy shower should be checked for size and be compared to the free space available in your horse trailer.

It’s better to purchase a complete kit to ensure that you haven’t forgotten all the necessary details. If you are not sure about your shower installation abilities, it’s also reasonable to turn to a specialist in this case. Some stores and online sale platforms will provide you with this kind of service with low fees or even free of charge. If you are buying used cowboy shower parts, you should be careful and always test the items you are going to purchase.

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