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Premium-Quality Horse Supplies

Horse SuppliesThe horse has been revered as one of the most noble animals for the better part of human history. And it today’s technological world there are still people who devote their time, effort and resources to care for these ancient companions of man and to hone the many traditions associated with them.

The fact that you are reading this probably means that you want to become part of this great tradition as well. And we are here to help you.

Types of Horse Supplies

If you already have experience in handling horses, you can skip this section of the site. However, if you are new and wish to learn more about the equipment you will need to properly handle a horse, read on.

Horse Tack

Horse tack

Horse tack is a term that refers to any of the numerous and various equipment that horses are equipped with to facilitate their use as working animals. The process of equipping a horse is known as “tacking up”. A basic tack set includes the following items:

  • The saddle – The main part of rider-type tack sets, it is the seat for the rider, worn on the horse’s back and kept in place by a strap known as a girth. It is important for the saddle to be anatomically fitted to both the horse and the rider to provide maximum comfort for both and reduce the probability of accidents.
  • Breastcollars, cruppers and surcingles are additional fastenings designed to stabilize the saddle and prevent it from sliding.
  • Head gear – the various systems of straps tied around the horse’s head and used to drive and direct the horse. The two main subtypes of head gear are halters, used to lead a horse or tie it to a post, and bridles, used to control a horse while riding it. Bridles are further subdivided into bit bridles and bitless bridles.
  • Stirrups are supports for the rider’s feet attached to either side of the saddle for greater stability and control.
  • The harness is the main part of cart-type tack sets, and is the system of fastenings designed to attach a horse to a cart, carriage, or any other type of external load.

Grooming Products

Horse grooming products

Regular grooming is an important part of proper upkeep and will ensure that the horse is always in top shape. The basic set of grooming horse supplies should consist of the following:

  • Curry comb and dandy brush – used in that order, they help rid a horse’s coat of any embedded foreign material.
  • Hoof pick – a hooked metallic tool used to remove dirt and other foreign material from a horse’s hooves.
  • Soft brushes are used to clean a horse’s coat of finer material like dust and also have a polishing effect.

Horse Feed

Horse feed

Correct and balanced nutrition is critical for the good performance of any horse in any situation; therefore care should always be taken when putting together a horse’s diet. The three main types of solid horse feed are: forages (such as grass of hay), concentrates (grain or pelleted rations) and supplements (prepared vitamin or mineral pellets).

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