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Horse Shampoo – a Way to Silky and Strong Mane

Horse ShampooAfter domesticating horses many centuries ago people have been always taking care of their favorite pets by feeding, grooming, healing them, building horse barns and ranchos and so on. Horse owners are actually obliged to cater for the animals’ needs.

Some owners are so much in love with their horses that they do not spare time and money on them. Nowadays it has become a common practice to use a specialized kind of shampoo to groom horses.

Horse shampoo features

  • contains organic vegetable oils. Different manufacturers use various ingredients and oils. This is a key distinction factor among brands.
  • absence of toxic ingredients;
  • absence of artificial foaming boosters, dyes and perfumes;
  • safe for animals;
  • thorough cleansing;
  • mane, coat and tail shine and gloss;
  • mane manageability;
  • eases the combing of manes and tails;
  • helps to get rid of insects;
  • prevents fungus infections.

Remember, if you notice some allergic reactions on the horse’s body, turn to the vet immediately and stop using shampoo.

Shampoo for mane and for tail

When buying a shampoo for your horse, read the label carefully to make sure there are organic ingredients in its composition. Also check if it has been certified by the Department of Agriculture. Sometimes producers mention that this shampoo is only for mane or only for tail. In fact, the difference between these shampoos is very little. It is just one more trick from the manufacturer to urge you to purchase both products.

Shampoo application

  1. Wet your horse with warm water.
  2. Apply shampoo to a wet soft brush.
  3. Work it into horse coat, mane and tail.
  4. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. In case of eye contact rinse with clear water. After that sooth the horse’s eyes with the help of milk.
  6. Dry with towels.
  7. Leave your horse in a clean dry space.

Horse Shampoo Application

Animals and humans – is there a difference?

On seeing the aforementioned qualities of horse shampoo, more and more people experiment with it, trying to make their own hair as long, silky and strong, as the horse’s mane. However, this kind of shampoo is not suitable for everyone and surely is not a panacea for those who have dermatological problems.

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