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5 Golden Rules on Shopping with Horse Trailer World

Horse Tailer WorldWhen you want to choose the best horse trailer, all you have to do is to put yourself in the horse’s shoes, so to speak. This way, you are certain to choose the best trailer, and Horse Trailer World is the best place to do it.

The biggest mistake that people make, while choosing among horse trailer manufacturers, is that they opt for the shiniest and prettiest trailer. However, this is worst kind of strategy. You have to realize that you are not buying this trailer for yourself. You are buying this trailer to make sure that your horses are transported in comfort. This is why a trailer has to be manufactured to suit the needs of a horse, not of a person that is going to buy it.

Why is it important to buy the right trailer for your horse?

Proper size and shape of the trailer ensures that your horse feels nice and comfortable. A good horse trailer manufacturer makes sure that their trailer won’t make the horse seasick. Due to the fact that horses are animals of the wild, they will feel great discomfort when being cooped up in a moving trailer. In these conditions horses often suffer from fever, abdominal pain, dehydration and stress.

Horse Tailer World

 If you are using your horses for competitions or for show, you have to take extra care to make sure that the horses are comfortable during transportation. A horse that was transported in a poorly manufactured trailer, will feel great discomfort during the ride and might not do as well as it could during the show.

This is why you should treat your horses as if they were your children. Horses – are wonderful creatures that love their owners. So to make sure that our horses are happy, we should invest in good and comfortable horse trailers.

Below is the list of 5 golden rules you should follow when purchasing the best trailer for your horses:

Rule #1. When you buy a trailer make sure that there is enough free space within it.

First and foremost thing you should look at, is the amount of free space that will be available for the horses. As mentioned above, horses are wild animals and despise closed spaces, which make them very fearful. It is well-known that horses tend to run away when people try to lead them into trailers. If you give your horses enough free space, you can easily avoid this problem.

Usually, and well trained horse can feel fine in any space that has a height of 15 to 16.5 hands. It would be great, if you could get a trailer that has a stall length of at least 10 feet. Horse will also want to move its legs and change how it stands. So make sure that space, provided for the horse, as wide enough.

If you are buying a used trailer, there is a chance that the horses that were transported in this trailer were smaller than the horses that you own. This is why you can’t just buy any trailer. For this reason, you have to measure your horses, and then measure the stalls to make sure that there is enough free space within the trailer.

Horse Trailer

Rule #2. Choosing the proper type of trailer.

There are three main types of horse trailers – the stock trailers, the two-horse straight load and the slant load. They vary depending on how you can position the horses within the trailer.

The stock trailers allow you your horses to feel quite comfortable within the trailer. This type of trailers is the most affordable. If your horses aren’t very large, these trailers will be your best choice.

However if your horses are large, you should definitely invest in a straight load trailer. In this type of trailer the horses are positioned in a line one after the other, facing the vehicle’s movement. However, this type of positioning is not very comfortable for the horses, but they will have a lot of space for their legs, and you can easily transport big horses.

Trailers with a slant load enables you to position the horses at an angle. The advantage of this type of trailer is that you can transport more horses. However, the amount of free space for each horse is smaller. This type of trailer is good for little horses that are not familiar with your stables and outside world.


Rule #3. A trailer must have a proper lighting and ventilation.

Once again we remind you that horses are the animals of the wild. It is crucial that your horse gets enough light and air during the transportation. It is very important to have ventilation planks on the horse’s eye level. Make sure that the trailer that you want to buy has these ventilation planks. These planks make the horses feel as if they are still within the stables, thus making them much more relaxed.

A proper amount of light is very important for the horses. If you place a horse in a confined place in total darkness it might start to panic and get very sick. This is why people recommend to transport horses only during the day. All trailers must also be equipped with good ventilation system. Aside from providing fresh air, a good ventilation system will also reduce all the bad smells that might build up within the trailer. Since it is very hard to properly clean the horses during transportation, all trailers ought to have a good ventilation system.

There is one more thing that you can do to deal with this problem. Simply install a daylight lamp in your trailer. This lamp will give off natural light without creating almost any heat.

You should also check if the inside walls’ paint job. If it is dark or moldy, you shouldn’t buy this trailer. Buy one with bright and freshly painted interior. Your horses won’t feel as much stress when surrounded by brightly colored walls.

Trailer Horse

Rule #4. Safety is everything.

You should very thoroughly check the trailer floor’s condition. When the floor gets worn out, it tends to get slippery and you can imagine the hazards your horses will face if the vehicle will have to quickly stop. Slopes will be even more dangerous if they become worn out and slippery.

Also look for any sharp edges that might harm your horses especially if you are buying a used trailer. Make sure that all the nails, latches, planks, etc. are safe for your horses and won’t cause any discomfort during long transportations.

Horse Trailer

Rule #5. Go to Horse Trailer World to get a brand new or used trailer.

This website offers a very extensive database of both new and used horse trailers. With the help of this website, shopping for a trailer becomes a very easy task that anyone can do.

 5 Golden Rules on Shopping with Horse Trailer World

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